Lunch at Shiang Garden, Richmond BC

The next few posts will be about food we had on our trip to Vancouver in August! We spent a lot of time in Richmond eating everything that Richmond has to offer – they have such a huge Chinese community there I felt like I was somewhere in Asia. We decided to try Shiang Garden’s dimsum – it’s one of those fancy chinese restaurants there with live fish and lobster in tanks and very sparkly/opulent looking decor. Apparently lots of Chinese people hold their wedding banquet here because they had a special washroom for the bride.

Richmond Eats
The siewmai were too meaty for my taste and there were some tough bits that indicated that the chicken tendon and all were mashed up into it as well. They also had huge chunks of shiitake which made it very juicy. I liked it but generally prefer smaller siewmai’s (better meat to skin ratio) and smaller chunks.

Richmond Eats
Their XO fried turnip cake was pretty good – lots of wok hei and sprouts but not enough XO sauce I felt. They also had some sweet yellow chives in it which I really liked.

Richmond Eats
The hargao were excellent though, very thin and pliable crystal skin and plump bouncy prawns inside.

Richmond Eats
Their char siew sou was absolutely ingenious – inside the flaky pastry was a layer of char siew meat, full of maltose sticky-sweetness and a layer of mashed taro paste like in an orh nee. Amazing! I’ve never seen a char siew sou with the layer of sweet taro paste. I loved it.

Richmond Eats
Cross-section of the charsiew sou so you can kind of see the grey-purple layer. ‘sou’ means ‘flaky and crisp’ in Chinese, and most char siew sous are quite buttery and flaky but probably not so much crispy.

Richmond Eats
After dimsum at Shiang Garden we headed over to Excellent Tofu to have some dao hui – I’ve really missed this. There really aren’t that many places in the US that take pride in making a really good bowl of silky soft dao hui – a sweet dessert beancurd that is so popular in Sg/HK/Taiwan. This place has a silkiest beancurd I’ve had in North America and it comes with a host of toppings you can select from! Sorta Taiwanese style where people love to add toppings to their beancurd. In Singapore the beancurd is left to shine on its own with a sweet syrup. Z had his with basil seeds here and a ginger sweet syrup, which they are apparently famous for.

Richmond Eats
I had my daohui with pulut hitam – sweet black glutinous rice. It was amazing! Oh yeah, Excellent Tofu is cash only, and as this was our first stop in Canada we didn’t have any :P There are ATMs nearby in the Aberdeen Shopping Center though, so no biggie.


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