Dinner at the Pear Tree Restaurant, Vancouver BC

Back from our honeymoon hiatus :P And taking up where we left off are the posts from our first trip to Canada last year when I brought Z to The Pear Tree, which is a farm-to-table restaurant in the east-ish bit of Vancouver. Their execution and presentation are both exemplary and we loved everything here although weren’t quite sure why it was called The Pear Tree. They do serve these house-made pear flavoured gummies at the end of the meal that have a great texture and are such a nice touch.

Heirloom tomato salad with crisp bacon – This was Z’s appetizer, which is the obvious choice given his obsession with tomatoes. Some of the best tomatoes (if not the best) he’s had all year. It played nicely against the super thin bacon and parsley.

I had the lobster bisque with seaweed cracker – they did the seaweed cracker tao kae noi style, it was shatteringly crispy and the bisque was served in one of those double walled borosilicate mugs still bubbling.

LZ’s Caesar – Vancouver (I think) is known for their take of the bloody mary. I am not sure what the difference between the Caesar and the Bloody Mary is – Z says Bloody Mary’s use tomato juice but Caesars use clamato juice.

This is their pork cheek with chanterelles – the pork cheek was massively tender and went nicely with the chanterelles. This dish didn’t really have carbs but they provided us with a side of steamed vegetables!

I really liked that they served vegetables! I usually find vegetables a little light on the menu at most American restaurants. And they decided that they didn’t need to serve vegetables that went with the entree, they’d just serve it in a dish on the side. The vegetables were really minty and fresh and not mushy/overcooked at all.

My entree was the seared scallops over bacon risotto – the bacon somewhat overwhelmed the scallops and I found the scallops a little dry (which is sort of a good thing? But could also indicate that they were overcooked a little). I mean you can sort of see from the picture that they aren’t really glistening.

Z got the eton mess for dessert, which consisted of berry sorbet with the lightest little puffs of baked meringue. Like a fruity floating island, I think they even poured some sort of fruit syrup on top of the whole thing. It was really nice!

I of course voted for the chocolate terrine, which was pretty good but not as creamy as Ethan Stowell’s, more on the gelatinous side.

And the pear gummies like I mentioned earlier.

This is a great place for special occasions! There are loads more farm-to-table restaurants in Vancouver so this is by no means singular but they do have excellent service, free street parking, and great food.


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