Lunch at Ask for Luigi, Vancouver BC

This place has some of the loveliest vintage tableware I have ever seen. The photos will speak for themselves I guess! Many restaurants in Vancouver don’t really take reservations, and this is one of them. The place is absolutely hopping, so if you want to avoid a long wait I suggest going late or going early. We got in around 2:10pm, 20 minutes before closing, and 5 minutes before the kitchen stopped taking orders.

Started with the Bocconcini fritti – little balls of mozzarella breaded and fried. They serve it drizzled with pesto but I asked for a little bowl of tomato sauce, which they kindly provided. It was of a slightly salsa-ey consistency and went beautifully with the bocconcini.

Z had the pork roulade with sunny side up on creamy polenta. The pork roulade was pretty cured, almost like a pancetta and it cut against the creamy texture of the polenta very well. The same pesto drizzle can be seen here, and the yolk of their sunny side up is so orange! I wonder what kind of eggs they use. I liked this quite a lot.

My carbonara with poached egg was more lacklustre. It could be because the portion was too large for me. And we don’t exactly have a fridge or a kitchen to tapao this. I also felt it was kind of one-dimensional, and the noodles were not inherently salty enough. I’ve pretty much stopped ordering carbonara in restaurants now, and much prefer eating my own.

The indisputable highlight of the meal was their marvellous olive oil cake. It was perfectly soft, moist, crumbly, spongey, and oily (in a good way). They serve it warm with a dollop of mascarpone and some herb that looks like tiny basil – went perfectly with the cake. If only they carried this in Seattle. One of the top ten desserts I’ve had last year. I don’t typically order olive oil cakes but this was raved about by everyone on Yelp so of course we had to try it. Order this! You won’t regret it.

We also had a bruleed grapefruit. Isn’t that the prettiest little floral plate? I like that they served it with mint instead of a maraschino cherry like Frank’s does, but Frank’s has the more consistent bruleed sugar crust.


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