Breakfast at 49th Parallel Coffee, Vancouver BC

This is the last of the Vancouver posts for a bit and we resume normal coverage of Seattle restaurants shortly! 49th Parallel is an absolute institution in Vancouver and they’ve partnered with Lucky’s doughnuts to serve up one of the best breakfast combinations known to man.

49th Parallel Coffee
We got a cappuccino – had a long day ahead exploring the various parks in Vancouver so we needed a boost. I love their turquoise mugs! It makes coffee look so good – I really want to get one. They do sell their mugs in various sizes but my current collection of mugs is already exploding so I’m sitting on this one.

49th Parallel Coffee
Lucky’s doughnuts do a lot of “bismarck” flavours, by which they mean filled doughnuts. This is their creme brulee bismarck, which was excellent. The filling in the doughnut was remarkably similar to Alton Brown’s creme brulee custard, and the top was caramelized nicely. I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to bake their matcha bismarck but have not been able to catch them at a good time. They have a rotating selection of flavors that they bake throughout the day, and I think the matcha bismarck is not as popular as I imagine it to be.

49th Parallel Coffee
Look at that luscious custard!

49th Parallel Coffee
We also got a perfectly buttery, cheesy bacon cheese scone that was really crumbly and melty after they toasted it for us. We nibbled at it throughout the day (it’s quite a generous size) and its texture remained pretty good throughout.

This is a great place to stop for a snack if you’re craving something sweet and some great coffee. I can’t really comment on the coffee as I am no aficionado but what I had was very aromatic.


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