Budaejigae at Hosoonyi, Edmonds, WA

Chilly weather always makes us crave Korean food. I didn’t really learn to eat their hot and spicy type broths until last year, after watching a korean drama called Let’s Eat where the characters spend a significant amount of airtime each episode just scarfing down piping hot, extremely delicious looking korean food. Jap chae, haemul pajeon, dukbokki, everything looked amazing in their spicy sticky sauce. Most korean restaurants also serve their mains with a host of complimentary little side dishes known as banchan, and Hosoonyi up in Edmonds is no exception.

Here are all eight of them:

Fish cake banchan

Seasoned bean sprouts banchan (in a fragrant sesame oil dressing)

Potato salad banchan (usually done with kewpie mayonnaise and is all mashed up, in contrast to american potato salad)

Dressed fried tofu banchan, like the kind you get with bossam


Pickled radish cubes (they usually serve this alongside korean fried chicken)

Gamja jorim – my favourite banchan ever – potato cubes stewed in a sweet and salty sauce. Four Seasons in Ithaca does an excellent version of this.

Some meatball with japchae inside – slightly sweet

Sticky purple rice – I love korean purple rice! It goes so well with their spicy soups and is so sticky! I am not typically able to eat regular jasmine rice with chopsticks :P

And the main dish we came here for – Budajigae, or Korean army stew. They served this with two blocks of ramen, a LOT of green onions, cut up hotdogs, spam, and odd little pork belly bits here and there. It was pretty sour and spicy, but not sweet enough imo. I liked the one at Shilla better, and thought their banchans were better too (only they didn’t have gamja jorim when we went and they tend to be a bit stingier with their banchan). This is apparently one of the more authentic korean restaurants here though (and they do have two very sweet ahjummas serving you who make you feel like your mum is cooking for you at home). They have loads of other things on the menu like the sam gye tang and galbi tang that we haven’t tried yet, and of course opposite this restaurant is Stars in the Sky with awesome korean fried chicken.


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