Dessert at Cafe O Dessert, UDistrict

We came here after seeing one of S’s instagram photos of the matcha shaved ice here and decided we just had to try it! It’s a tiny, homey little cafe with student’s scribbles all over the wall drawing various cartoon characters and messages in chinese/korean/japanese, alongside and stern warnings not to erase other people’s drawings :P Also little polaroids of its customers.

Cafe O' Dessert
We ordered the matcha shaved ice with red bean and mochi topping (I liked neither, the red bean was too salty). To be fair, the owner warned us that the red bean topping didn’t really go with what we ordered, but I saw it exactly like this in S’s photo and wanted to try it. She kept trying to persuade us to get other toppings :P azuki beans totally go with green tea the rest of the time! Only these were not azuki beans.

Cafe O' Dessert
Since it was pretty cold out for shaved ice, we also got a black sesame paste, which wasn’t really smooth and pretty much tasted very starchy and like it had come from a packet that I could make myself at home. I really wanted to like the food here more because the place looks like its got such character and is straight out of a korean drama. They do other hot food as well, like wonton noodles and other cantonese dishes like that which may be worth checking out. I mean, it looks like a TON of asian students go there for bubble tea/dessert/dinner judging by the number of wall scribbles and polaroids.


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