Lunch at Silver Tray Thai, Wallingford

This is a pretty hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant in Wallingford that I also discovered on’s instagram. It was really quite good! Better than nearly all the Thai options nearer to my place in Udistrict, and much less crowded. I think it’s primarily a take-out place, we were the only customers there but there were lots of people coming in to collect their food.

Starting from the back – this is their pulut hitam, i.e. black glutinous rice pudding. The coconut milk was a little salty but generally the black glutinous rice was great. Would prefer them to use pure coconut milk without salt! That’s how it’s normally taken in singapore anyway. It’s a lovely, sticky dessert that has a mild rice flavour, but it’s also very filling.

Since we were there at lunch, the lunch sets come with hot and sour soup and spring rolls. The hot and sour soup is nothing special/interesting and not particularly worth the calories. It was very starchy.

This is the panang curry lunch set with cutest little spring rolls. I loved the spring rolls! The curry itself was quite good, but had very little chicken and a whole lot of onions. The rice was very fragrant; I expect their curry over rice is very popular in colder weather.

I ordered the crab fried rice, more of a dinner menu offering. This was really nice! Full of crab slivers (Pretty sure it’s the canned variety but nonetheless) and it was pretty sweet and aromatic. Not too spicy, even though the rice is kind of red. Perhaps the red is from the tomato? I wonder how their pineapple rice compares. We will certainly be back for more.


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