Lunch at Bol Pho

This is a Vietnamese place near the Whole Foods on 65th and Roosevelt that does typical Vietnamese noodles and starters as well as some fusion type things. Their servings are pretty generous and the food is very fresh tasting.

Bol Pho
Z got the flank steak pho, which came in a large white bowl and tasted very herbal and minty! The broth was light but had a rich beefy taste, and the flank steak was lean and tender. They give you a little plate of fresh herbs (mint, basil) and beansprouts as well as lime wedges to garnish your soup with.

Bol Pho
I thought the layout and decor of the restaurant (more like a cafe, really) was really cute. They had these little pots of cacti on each table next to the sriracha which was so odd and whimsical.

Bol Pho
Menu board – as you can see they have some unorthodox flavors of pho – seafood and duck! I’d be pretty interested in finding out what duck pho tastes like.

Bol Pho
Condiments for the pho – first time I’ve seen jalapeno as a pho garnish.

Bol Pho
I got a vietnamese iced coffee, which is essentially an espresso with condensed milk. It was very thick and served in a pretty large mason jar. You also have to stir the condensed milk into the coffee yourself, which isn’t easy when the coffee is cold. I liked it quite a lot nonetheless.

Bol Pho
Fried imperial rolls – these were random shredded vegetables and mushrooms (and maybe shrimp?) wrapped in a rice flour wrapper and deep fried. They serve it with the typical chilli fish sauce that also comes with their bun salad:

Bol Pho
I got the bun (vietnamese… rice noodle?) with a deep fried egg. Actually it might not be rice but some other root vegetable – the noodle has a more pliable texture compared to pho. This was a humongous plate! Almost like the trash can lids at Famous Dave’s. It’s mainly vegetables – julienned cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, beansprouts, and two shrimp skewers which look a little overwhelmed next to all the vegetables. Very little noodle compared to all the veggies – I would have preferred more noodles (and more shrimp). But this was good, especially with the fish sauce and roasted peanuts at the side drizzled all over everything.

We ordered two entrees for two people, which seems like a reasonable thing to do, but had to pack at least half of the entire meal home because of the quantity. I recommend sharing!


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