The noodle bar at Trove

This place was opened barely a year ago by the same people behind Joule and Revel, and they do some really nice Asian fusion. The concept behind Trove is slightly different- it’s really three things mashed into a single outfit – a noodle bar, a parfait bar, and a Korean/Japanese BBQ option in back. The noodle bar is slightly more no-frills/good for a quick lunch, whereas dining at the BBQ place takes slightly longer. The parfait bar is really just a window outside where they do really eclectic mixes of parfaits with different flavors.

After our meal at the noodle bar we had the mochi cake and tiramisu parfait – where they did some mocha gelato, chocolate mochi cake, and mascarpone in a little mason jar you get to take home (they don’t give you the screw top lid though :P) Each parfait is something like $7 (I think).

The noodle bar itself is a pretty spartan place with cute succulents on the tables and a pretty limited (but creative) menu.

Here’s their clean logo printed on the chopstick case

Z got a tamarind lemonade – tamarind is a brown pod like fruit that grows in SEA (and probably other tropical parts of the world) that is slightly sour and goes really nicely in sambal.

I got the shrimp and cilantro noodles in a red curry sauce – it turned out to be pretty pasta-like but with an asian sauce? Very interesting. I’ve actually had curry flavoured pasta with cherry tomatoes and pineapple in Geneva and this was quite similar, but better. This was my favourite. The noodles are obviously made in house and have a great bite.

Z got the pad thai with spicy peanuts. It was very atypical and didn’t really taste like pad thai. I thought it was too dry. they used pork belly and broccoli in it, and while the spicy peanuts were interesting I think pad thai tastes better with crushed roasted peanuts. The pad thai sauce was also not quite sweet enough.

They’ve got three other fusion-y sounding noodles on the menu with lots of asian herbs, but I’m pretty sure what we ordered were the ones with the most mass appeal as it is. I’m pretty interested in trying the korean BBQ since I haven’t found any to rival Ishoni on this side of the lake yet.


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