Brunch at Frank’s Oyster House, Udistrict

This brunch is only available on weekends. Frank’s Oyster house (which I’ve done several posts on already I think) is my favourite brunch place in Seattle. It’s chill, it’s got amazing food, the prices are reasonable, it’s not too crowded, and you can reserve a seat here on OpenTable.

Frank's Oyster House
Z had a couple of oysters for breakfast, because why not. They serve them on a plate of crushed ice (or just a huge hunk of ice, depending on how many you order), and with mignonette dressing. I don’t eat oysters so I don’t know how they were but he liked them!

Frank's Oyster House
And of course their fried chicken and waffles – don’t even think about eating brunch here without ordering one of these! The chicken serving is a little on the skimpy side but what they don’t have in quantity they more than made up for in quality – it was amazing. The batter, the tenderness, the maple syrup, and the butter. I don’t know what’s in their butter but it tastes really different (in an amazing way) from what we get at other breakfast joints.

Frank's Oyster House
Another of our favourite menu items – Brisket hash. It’s two poached eggs in a bowl of fried potatoes and beef brisket au jus. You just break the yolks over the hash, stir it up, and eat it over the griddled toast. Technically you could order the eggs any way you like, but we’ve always gotten poached eggs.

Frank's Oyster House
We must have been here with someone else because somehow we also ordered a ham and potato gratin?! I don’t remember who we brought, but we do like to bring visitors here to experience some of the best of Seattle’s dining. The ham and cheese gratin is a little more forgettable though, I recommend the first two, or any of the eggs benedicts.

Frank's Oyster House
We got some citrus scented zeppole to end with, served with conserve and mascarpone. Very light and airy with a really strong citrus flavour. How can all the food here be so good?!


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