Chocolate cake from Dahlia Bakery

This post features some commendable desserts consumed within the last month:

The first is this extremely chocolatey chocolate cake from Dahlia bakery:

It’s a simple chocolate sponge (a rather denser sponge, not a fluffy airy one) covered with some super smooth ganache. The sponge itself is really nice even without the ganache, and they gave us a pretty generous slice which we ate over two teatimes.

I love the dahlia bakery logo! It’s such a clean, simple design – I would really like to make a rubber stamp with it.

Kiki bakery recently opened up north in Aurora right next to the Asian food center there – very convenient to get all the Asian pastries and buns you like. This is their mocha mousse, which in true Chinese mousse form, is slightly gelatinous and less creamy but we still liked it a lot because you can’t seem to find a whole lot of coffee flavoured desserts in non-Asian bakeries. It wasn’t too sweet, and the sponge is very light, complementing the mousse nicely. Their cheese bun (it’s long-ish like a baguette) is also really nice toasted, and we also tried their red bean cookies (looks a little like fig newtons but with red bean filling instead of figs) which were a little underwhelming.


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