SRW at Bastille, Ballard

Some extremely dark lighting pictures from our dinner at Bastille. I really really really hate dark lighting in restaurants. There is a level at which it is nice and romantic and your date can’t see the blackheads on your nose, and then there’s way too dark where all food looks the same and terribly unappetizing. As a food photographer the way my food looks under such “mood lighting” is the most unappetizing thing ever. Restaurants in the US are much poorer lit than restaurants in Singapore, where restaurateurs understand the value of people sharing amazing-looking photos of their food on social media. I think the country with the poorest lit restaurants (imo) is Italy. Even the Italian restaurants striving to be authentic in Singapore have really dark lighting, as if you’re descending into an underground bunker never to be seen on the surface of the earth again.

OK rant aside, these are the photos I managed to salvage from our dinner that night-

Starting with my favourite part of the meal: profiteroles filled with pistachio ice cream. Very nice! Much better than their chocolate terrine, which cannot compare to Ethan Stowell’s at all. The pistachio flavour of the ice cream was excellent, and the chocolate fudge sauce wasn’t gross and fake but properly chocolate-y. I think this is quite a favourite with the crowd.

We got the grilled brussels sprouts that came with the duck confit – you can’t see much of the duck here. It was a very tiny leg on the other side of the frisee but it was nicely done, not like the weird five spice fusion duck confits elsewhere in seattle.

We got a potato dauphinois/gratin which I quite liked – basically a gratin but with very little meat and rather mushy potatoes.

Their steamed mussels tasted really teochew! The broth it came in was slightly tangy and had a very chinese taste, i.e. ginger, scallions, sour plum? and chili. Very unsettling to see that in a french restaurant, but also delectable. I would definitely order this again.


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