Dinner at Anchovies and Olives, Capitol Hill

This was our parting dinner with Jw waay back last year :P Using my birthday gift card from Mf! It was a fantastic dinner and great end-of-vacation meal.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
This is the best smoked fish crostini I’ve ever had in my life! I have no idea what they cream into it, cream cheese? Various smoked salmon? It was almost mousse/foie-gras like and packed with flavour. After we had this meal I looked through my Ethan Stowell cookbook to see if he had included the recipe there but no luck. I’ll just have to experiment (and go back of course) until I get it.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
I’ve always enjoyed the grilled green beans at ES restaurants. This was served perfectly charred over romesco sauce. They grill it on their high heat wood oven (the same one they use to sear scallops and cook nearly everything else) which gives it a fantastic smoky flavor.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
Shiny castelvetrano olives – I don’t eat olives, so this went a lot more slowly. I think it wasn’t a huge hit possibly because we had ordered a whole lot of other food :P

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
Escolar crudo – for the boys, who do eat raw fish.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
Anchovies draped over soft boiled eggs – I’d kind of expected something similar to the boquerones and soft boiled egg tapas at Ocho but the anchovies here were a little bit too fishy for me. I do love his other anchovy seasonings though, especially his anchovy mayonnaise. And of course we had to order the two eponymous dishes.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
This was mine – I’m a big fan of ESR’s seared scallops. They do it beautifully. And this was really nice set against the gigantic beans and their puree. Wasn’t a fan of the very fibrous chard-y leaf in the middle but otherwise it was really nice.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
Z’s grilled rockfish with grilled cauliflower, possibly part of the SRW menu. It was alright. The star of the show was really

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
Jw’s Branzino – grilled beautifully and filleted table-side. Look at the charring! It was also served with a nice vegetable mix of fall squash and fresh herbs.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
For dessert we had the molten chocolate cake (that was not very molten) in vanilla bean sauce. I guess this is a fall menu but I wish he would bring back his chocolate terrine. I loved the toasted almonds and the creme anglaise.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
Pumpkin panna cotta – I didn’t touch a bit of this because I don’t like pumpkin but I gather it was very creamy.

Day 11: Anchovies and Olives
This is Jw. Well, the one on the right. He’s Z’s army buddy from when they were in the army together – national service is compulsory in Singapore for all boys from the ages of 19-21 (give and take a few years depending on where you’re at in school. If you’re slightly more obese you also have to go in 3 months early to shape up). Thank heavens it’s not compulsory for girls. Anyway, their ID card numbers (like an ssn) are only one digit apart, which is why they were assigned to the same platoon etc. When we’re all together I’m known as the “rifle”, because in the army they keep telling the guys to guard their rifles like they were guarding their wives. He came to stay with us for a coupla weeks and we had the most fantastic time travelling everywhere, betting on the most random things, taking pictures of his hedgehog, and having loads of blind taste tests at home. He was the best house guest ever! Washed everything after I cooked, cleaned the table like a kopitiam aunty, even cooked for us this one time :P And he’s single to boot! All the single ladies in sg, 佳缘就在你眼前!


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