Lunch at Mamma Melina, UDistrict

I’ve done a previous post on this restaurant since it’s of our favourite italian places near us. They have a nice lunch set thing which is something like $10 for 2 courses if I’m not wrong.

Porcini ravioli in a tomato cream sauce – I was expecting the sauce to be creamier rather than tomato-ey, but the porcini filling was very nice and pungent. Still think it would be better with a pure cream sauce so the tomato wouldn’t interfere with the flavour of the porcini, but this was still really good value for home made pasta.

Their focaccia is really good, only rivaled by the one at Barolo. Very soft, but they don’t provide a tapenade, rather an evoo and balsamic vinegar mix.

Z got their tomato soup, also good for dipping the focaccia in. This was pretty standard.

Not too early for a drink. I think this was some orange cocktail, very fruity and “girly” according to him. I don’t drink in general because I don’t have state issued ID and it’s really annoying to carry a passport around. Yes, I really need to get my driver’s license. But I don’t really like alcohol.

My rigatoni bolognese – they do a pretty good bolognese sauce, even if it is more tomatoes than meat/sofrito. The pasta is perfectly al dente. They do good personal pizzas too, but we were just in the mood for something less bready.

Instead of getting a starter, I opted for dessert and had the profiterole. Great chocolate sauce, great ice cream filling. It was very small but came with the raspberry coulis and whipped cream and even a cute little mint leaf, so I could not ask for more. Perfect portion for lunch actually.

I would certainly come back for lunch but it feels odd because you’d be one of the only people in the restaurant. The place is absolutely hopping come happy hour and dinner time, but at lunch it’s just a little deserted. Perhaps it’s too fancy?


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