Midori Bakery, Redmond

Finals are over! So I have some time to dash out more posts. I just brought his folks here last weekend to stock up on some midoreos and espresso beans en route to Microsoft.

Midori Bakery
This is their hazelnut choux puff. They do choux in all kinds of flavours.

Midori Bakery
It’s not a big space, maybe 5 tables and a long bench facing outside? Their pastries however are out of this world! Definitely the best bakery on my list in the Seattle area. It’s so out of the way though and closes so early!

Midori Bakery
Here’s a close up of the hazelnut choux puff with pearl sugar and these chocolate caviar balls. With a very nice craquelin, but that craquelin gets soggy, be forewarned.

Midori Bakery
Their chocolate pecan tart is very good and I think they get lots of orders of this for thanksgiving. I don’t really like pecan tarts but I thought the nut and chocolate paste in this one was great and not too sweet.

Midori Bakery
Caramelized onion and swiss cheese danish – this was so good too! Like french onion soup, but in a danish. I toasted it in my little toaster oven and the entire house smelt amazing.

Midori Bakery
Chocolate gateau. So shiny :D I think this was about the same price as the choux and perhaps the chocolate pecan tart, so in terms of value for money, I would get the gateau. It’s filled with many layers of mousse, ganache, and feuilletine if I’m not wrong.


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