Dinner at Nishino

Back to hanging out at Mcmahon on wednesdays inbetween classes so it’s time to update this place!

I really miss eating at Nishino. In winter quarter everything was so cold and grey it was too depressing to go out and eat at nice places. Plus the sunlight ended so early eating dinner someplace nice didn’t yield good pictures anyway. So here is what we had at Nishino a while back:

Sashimi moriawase – I didn’t have this. Everyone says the fish was very fresh though (but not at the level of Sushi Kashiba)

Miso soup with clams – not just miso soup but with some garlic butter in the mix. It is very good! The fermented taste of the miso makes the clams taste a little like they are cooked in alcohol.

I liked my soft shell crab. I think the cooked food at Nishino is more outstanding than the raw. They have quite a lot of cooked items one in very inventive ways, so much so that it is sometimes compared to Nobu. They do serve ceviche on occasion.

The chicken yakitori skewers were a little overdone as usual. Also it’s doused in teriyaki sauce so the grilled taste is a little masked.

My tamago sushi – pretty standard.

What I come here for – Crab dynamite. Have always ordered this since my first time here; it reminds me so much of the dynamite at Kyushu – i.e. very American-Japanese. The dungeness crab and mushroom slices are topped with an amazing cream cheese spicy mentaiko sauce and baked. There’s also some dashi broth at the bottom. I could finish plates of this by myself.

Spot prawn ceviche – think it’s not the season for that right now but their ceviche is in general very clean and fresh tasting.

This is definitely one of my favourite places on Capitol Hill/Madison Park, and the complex it is in gives off a very beach resort holiday feel. Perfect for a meal after walking about the botanical gardens or the Japanese garden.

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