Caliburger, University District

So this place got a LOT of negative flak when it first opened due to its poor service (only one counter open and queues out the door!?) and how it is “so not like In-n-Out” and “trying too hard”. I actually like the burgers from this place! And their version of animal fries more than In-n-out’s. Just try not to compare and you won’t be too disappointed. We get burgers from here quite regularly now.

Two Caliburgers, single patty – the vegetables do look pretty fresh. The buns were nicely toasted although the bottom one was a little over-toasted to the point of being crisp. I can’t comment on that now because we usually takeaway rather than eating there. The patties are large enough to be in a perfect meat-veg-carb ratio

Their “animal fries”. I don’t even know what it’s called in Caliburger haha. But it was delicious! Pretty similar, with the caramelized onions and special sauce and american cheese. Their fries are also more shoe-string-y and more tender than In-n-Out’s, which I don’t really get. The outsides of In-n-out fries are a little too hard for me, these are soft (but not soggy!) in a way that I like. Caliburger is also very generous with the sauce, no ketchup is necessary.

Pretentious interior :P They try to make everything look very “californian” with sunshine-y pictures of the beach and stuff but it really does come off as trying too hard :P Why should california have a monopoly on producing good burgers? I think if their branding themselves as the new In-n-Out were less successful they might not have done quite so badly. The Yelp reviews do not really do justice to the food.


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