Dinner at Twisted Pasty, Belltown (with groupon)

One way we discover restaurants is when groupon notifications pop up on my phone telling me there’s a discount on local deals, and that was precisely how I found this place. Well, we just came back from our honeymoon to the UK so I guess we’d be a bit more critical than the average person who hasn’t eaten a proper pasty. Not to be purist or anything but the pasties here are certainly nothing like the ones in the UK, not even from crappy train station stands. Are they delicious in and of themselves without a frame of reference? Well… not really either. Haha. Perhaps it was because I ordered badly. Their steak and ale pasty is apparently quite popular but I wanted a chicken pasty with hopefully some cream sauce with mushrooms, potatoes, and peas inside, and I certainly didn’t get that.

The mushroom swiss burger with haystack onions was pretty good though! Nice charring, juicy patty, nice cheese, crunchy pickle, nicely toasted bun. We also got it with a bowl of soup instead of fries. The soup was forgettable but not bad or anything.

Here is my very dry chicken cordon bleu pasty. Pasty pastry was dry and not buttery or crumbly. The chicken was not exactly in a sauce, it was a pretty dry chicken breast with some cheese and ham. Well you can see from the photo itself how dry it is.

The whiskey chocolate brownie was probably the most memorable part of the meal. That was some really nice brownie with vanilla ice cream! I wish they had flambeed the brownie but it was really nice and boozy with the shot of whisky poured over. Dessert was pricey at about $10? But definitely worth it.

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