Lunch at Liam’s, UVillage

Liam’s is one of our more frequented restaurants in Uvillage even though they mainly carry burgers/sandwiches/american food and bread is not really our carb of choice. Their execution is very good, and they have a nice sunlit cove where you can dine and people-watch at the same time.

This is their smoked salmon cake with remoulade; similar to a crab cake but with a smokier flavour and less of the sweetness of crab.

Chicken breast sandwich with house made chips. They’ll ask you if you want the house salad or the chips, always go with the chips because they slice and fry it in house so they’re really fresh. The chicken breast was nicely brined too and not at all tough, although I think the sandwich could have done with more condiments; it was a little dry. The pickled onions are such a pretty pink though.

Cauliflower soup. Z loves the soups here. In the winter they do a nice pea soup with ham. Their cauliflower soup is thick and almost chowder-like, but also smooth like a veloute.

My favourite dish of the meal – a mushroom tart. Not much of a tart, they really just broil some mushrooms in a sherry cream sauce and ladle them onto a curved disk of flaky pastry but it is SO GOOD. I like how you can order lots of little small bites here because their appetizers are really amazing sounding and tasting.

So far our ranking of UVillage restaurants goes
1. Din Tai Fung
2. Liam’s
3. Piatti’s
4. Eureka/Delfino’s Pizza
5. Veggie Grill/Elemental Pizza
6. Blue C Sushi/The Ram

Just driving out a little bit (say 5 minutes) you’ll usually get better and more affordable options, like Mamma Melina, Pair, Frank’s Oyster House


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