SRW at Palisade, Magnolia

Came here for restaurant week again since it generally coincides with Z’s birthday. After having SRW here twice though I think ordering off the restaurant week menu generally makes more sense; we’ve enjoyed our mains and appetizers that were not part of the prix fixe menu much more than what they prepare for restaurant week.

The jumbo prawn cocktail was served on a bed of dry ice and was so dramatic! Great to order for special occasions. The prawns were gulf prawns and were very fresh. Their cocktail sauce was also pretty spicy and horseradish-y.

Crab soup with tobiko (This is an appetizer as part of the prix fixe) – it’s pretty good, very strong crab taste although I think it probably uses prawn/lobster stock.

My seared king salmon, a little over done. They also served it on a bed of red cabbage sauerkraut but it was pretty dry and would have been much better in a lemon/dill/caper type sauce instead of that butternut squash puree.

The braised beef cheek with mashed potato and broccolini. The broccolini was wonderfully charred and the beef cheek tender but still, not enough sauce (so I guess it wasn’t tender enough to do without sauce).

Nothing much to say about the Margarita. I think we were being adventurous :P Z usually sticks to the wine menu and I stick to water, unless I’m having shellfish (in which case I have coke) or they have a specially sourced ginger ale.

This place is pricey and has pretty patchy quality I feel. I think they do some things really nicely (like scallops, or their cedar planks), but restaurant week is just not one of them. They do make a fuss for birthdays though, with rose petals and a card on the table and a spiral candle in your dessert, but they don’t comp the dessert.


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