Korean fried chicken at Stone Way, Redmond

We’ve been trying korean fried chicken around the area and these are one of the better ones to date, although it is so far away T-T

They ran out of the regular sized wings and only had these wingettes, but these were perfect for us. You can get them with the red yang myeong sauce as well, but they don’t do half and half (whaaat?) so we got the sauce on the side and people could dip as much as they wanted.

The banchan:

Gamja-jorim! This is my favourite banchan of the lot and I’m always really excited when a restaurant serves these. The one at Four Seasons in Ithaca still does these best, but they don’t always have it.


Some cucumber and onion pickle which was not bad

Sesame oil marinated beansprouts

Steamed egg with chives – could be better. They don’t normally put chives in but the egg did form a nice crusty bottom with the pot.

Their famous stone rice – they steam it directly in the cast iron pot so it forms a brown crust at the bottom . I don’t really get the hype, because in Asia where we do cook rice in stone pots, we usually do it with some kind of sauce of the sweet, sticky, salty variety so there’s some nice caramelization going on with the rice. This was just plain rice! Sure, it was crusty, but it’s still bland.

Soondobu jigae – a pretty small portion. We also ordered a dwenjang jigae which came in a pretty small bowl and was not as good as the one we had in Alaska :P It’s quite amazing how many korean restaurants there are in Alaska.

Hot plate bulgogi that was a little too dry.

Overall, I’d say everything was pretty average with the chicken being quite good and worth the trip. The rest aren’t terrible or anything, but I wouldn’t make the drive for those! However, Midori Bakery is really near by so if I were ever to go back there it wouldn’t just be for that.


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