Dinner at Daniel’s Broiler

The pictures through the post will go from natural light to artificial light thanks to the early setting sun. We were here with Z and D, our summer visitors who like coming to Amazon to do internships. They were leaving soon and we felt bad for meeting up so little, hence the dinner together.

Chilled appetizer platter – Dungeness crab legs. Their chilled appetizer platter is not really that affordable but good to share if you have about 4 people. Plus it looks really impressive and the gulf prawns and crab legs are really fresh. Their cocktail sauce is spicy and tangy, not sure what the white sauce in the middle is. Some sort of remoulade? But the seafood is pretty much amazing with just a drizzle of lemon juice.

Jumbo gulf shrimp. These were humongous, and very sweet.

Heirloom tomato salad. Z likes this quite a bit although the mozzarella could be better sourced and well any Italian would gawk at the balsamic dressing on a perfectly good bufala..

We got the lobster mashed potatoes as a side to our prime rib; not sure they are worth the hype? They tasted pretty similar to regular mashed potatoes, but with chunks of lobster in it. But 90% of the taste is still mashed potato-ey rather than lobster-y. Conclusion: Just get the mashed potatoes.

Their prime rib is gorgeous. Pink and tender and with veins of fat running through it (not for me but I gather lots of people like that). You can usually finish it by yourself but Z and I are used to eat this Sunday roast style where each person just gets a generous sliver.

We got the molten chocolate cake and peach pie to share for dessert, since there were 4 of us after all. The molten chocolate cake was pretty good but quite forgettable.

The peach pie on the other hand, was piping hot, super flaky, and went really nicely with the vanilla ice cream. Even though I am totally a chocolate person when it comes to dessert, I think one should order the peach pie here instead.


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