Brunch at Luc, Madison Park

The food here was pretty good, but the service was pretty surly. We came here because this is one of the restaurants you can redeem OpenTable dining points for, and it’s near the botanic gardens. I think it’s generally pretty pricey (say $$$) but the brunch options are quite reasonably priced, so we came for brunch.

I got the Bouef bourguignon, which was pretty awesome. Buttery mashed potatoes, winey beef gravy, and a poached egg on top which made the gravy even more rich when mixed in. The hunks of beef were really tender and obviously braised for a long time. Very hearty for colder weather, and tastes better than what I would make at home.

You can see how tender the beef was from this spoonful

Their mushroom and cheese french omelette did not disappoint, being well runny and creamy on the inside and a nice pale yellow on the outside. I can’t seem to help browning my french omelets (the only kind of omelets imo.) and will need to take some tips from Daniel Gritzer. The crepe layer was a little thin but the egg curds were perfectly formed

as you can see here on toast! Sprinkled with freshly chopped parsley.

We also ordered french fries since they had an extremely delicious photo of fried potatoes on their website but what we got was shoestring fries. I’m not sure what those potatoes on their website are called – oh, just checked their website, it’s only available for dinner – Luc’s house cut souffle potato chips. Give those a shot if you’re there for dinner! They look like lovely golden pillows.

My mimosa.

Here’s what the interior of the place looks like. Very French bistro with warm colors and fresh flowers everywhere.

So here’s what irked me about their service: I gave them the opentable dining voucher along with my credit card when they gave me the check and the server took it away. They fiddled at the computer with it for awhile, came back with the receipt for me to sign, but not without pointing out somewhat crabbily that the dining voucher says it should be presented before ordering (which I did not do) and he circled it in red for my benefit. I suspect it was rather difficult for them to put the voucher in at the end of the meal, which I am sorry for but he could have saved the crabbiness. We didn’t order that many things, they just have to cancel the order and key it all in again if keying the voucher in at the end posed a problem. If their register is not properly programmed to deal with things like this (obviously most people present their gift card only when paying, like any other normal restaurant) then they shouldn’t offer opentable dining vouchers. And why should I have to present my voucher before ordering? What would the difference possibly be? Are you going to serve me something worse than someone who is not paying with a voucher? To circle the fine print in red really takes the cake. You managed to key it in in the end anyway, was it really necessary for you to point out how difficult I made your life? You’re the freaking server! Anyway, 0 stars for service. Go there if you would like to be snubbed in an authentically Parisian fashion. Perhaps it’s part of the experience.


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