Dinner at Fu Man Dumpling House, Aurora (CLOSED)

This is the best of two dumpling houses I’ve tried here :P Not counting DTF, which I guess is kind of a dumpling house, but it’s part of a chain, and specializes in xlb. The other one we’ve tried is Dumpling Generation up in Aurora, and I like this one better.

They sell steamed, humongous pork dumplings which have a nice chive-y, ginger-y filling and goes excellent with their house made garlic sauce. Dumplings at these places tend to be served in plates of 12 (a bit of an overkill if you ask me, since I don’t think they keep well so you basically have to finish them all.) They offer 4 different sauces (garlic, a sorta pink wine vinegar, chilli oil, and soy (I think?)) that you mix together in a little bowl to dip your dumplings in and the sauce is amazing! Of course the ratios with which you mix the sauce is totally up to you but I like to add lots of the garlic sauce and rice wine vinegar.

They usually serve a pickled cucumber, carrot, and beansprout starter that is really crunchy and tasty. Very similar to the achar you have in Peranakan cuisines, but without the chili. I think they use the wine vinegar in this as well. It’s so good they’ve put it on the menu if you want to order an extra serving.

We usually get a plate of fried udon to go with the dumplings. The serving is pretty humongous, we usually have enough to pack home for another meal. Their fried udon has lots of wok hei but is a little too greasy for my liking (see how it glistens in the photo). Still, the charred bits and the smokey taste more than make up for it. We’ve also had their egg drop tomato soup, which is exactly as it says but a little short on the flavour side, more like something that is made with a stock cube and some MSG. If you want a good bowl of cantonese double boiled soup here you’ve got to make it yourself.

This is a real hole in the wall that we’re so pleased to have discovered :) They sell their dumplings frozen as well so you can boil them yourself at home.


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