Dinner at Japonessa

We ate here right before the Chris Mitchell show at the art gallery. Target is right next door so… semi-free parking :P You just have to spend $20 at Target to get free parking for 2 hours.

The best dish of the night was the special: butternut squash and mascarpone dumplings in a shiitake dashi broth. It was really very chinese, like wontons in broth, only both the wontons and the broth are really flavourful. I thought the butternut squash filling was a little on the sweet side but that was offset nicely by the dashi broth.

Another dish we really loved – the spicy crab soup. It is pretty spicy and sour but not in the same way as chinese hot and sour soup, more of a sweet miso sort of flavour with a perfectly cooked crab leg. This reminds me of the soup course in chinese wedding banquets, in which they simmer things like sea cucumber and abalone in a pot for hours to extract all the flavour.

I don’t remember which roll this is. It’s got crab, mentaiko, and salsa. Very Nobu-esque but ultimately American tasting :P

Brie tempura with some sort of fruit sauce. This was pretty good even if its presentation was dismal. I’ve had deep fried wedges of brie/camembert with cranberry sauce in many places and they’ve never failed to be amazing.

Tamago sushi. Average I guess! The scalloped looking nigiri next to it is so interesting looking, I have no idea how they managed to slice the fish belly to get it looking that way.

Z’s belly nigiri tasting platter. They have different tasting platters, according to the seasons. They also have a salmon tasting platter with all the different salmon of the PNW. They’re pretty pricey though, for 5 pieces of nigiri. And nothing really mind-blowing about it, Z would sooner recommend Sushi Kashiba if life-changing nigiri is what you’re after.


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