Dinner at HK Dim Sum, Aurora

So a slew of chinese restaurants opened around the Asian Food Center up by Aurora and we decided to try all of them. This one is right on the corner of the building and specializes in dimsum (sorta like DTF but more HK style) – they do really good egg tarts! Everything else is pretty middling.

The char siew (roast pork) rice was pretty good, very sticky sweet charsiew but not enough caramelized bits. The sauce on the rice was pretty legit though.

Garlic stir-fried Chinese broccoli (i.e. kailan). Not salty enough. I could do it better at home.

The baked and glazed char siew bao were pretty nice, lots of bread to filling but that seems to generally be the case here.

Here’s the cross section.

Deep fried beancurd skin roll – still cold on the inside! We sent it back for a refire, the shrimp looked a little undercooked :S which was deeply unsettling. They were very apologetic and gave us a plate of egg tarts free. And I had no gastrointestinal problems after so all was good. It was just kind of scary. Don’t let it put you off though :S

And here are the complimentary egg tarts – very mini ones. The pastry is buttery and flakey and the custard is still a little jiggly in the middle. I am not really a fan of egg tarts (don’t really like egg-flavoured custard) but this one had so much delicious flakey crust it turned out to be quite nice.


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