Dinner at the Rain Cafe, Aurora

This is a great cafe for teenagers to hang out and study together; I don’t know why it doesn’t really seem to be a big phenomenon here but nearly all the cafes (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, even McDonalds) in Singapore are filled with students studying for a test or doing their homework. It seems to be the ‘in’ place to be, plus there’s the coffee and free AC. The clientele of the Rain Cafe is exactly the same, plus they provide board games, a keyboard, and a guitar for kids to jam on. The food they provide is also of the deep fried/finger food variety which appeals more to the young (I think?)

This is their octopus takoyaki. Not the typical tonkotsu sauce, but even nicer and spicier, albeit not quite enough. They could be more generous with the bonito flakes; after all the huge asian supermarket is right next door…

Beef bulgogi rice burger – this was pretty good, but does not stay as a burger – everything slides right out when you bite into it since rice is in general much stiffer than bread. The fried egg is perfectly oozy although I think the one at Obbar Pocha in the ID is better than this one. Don’t remember if it came with the curly fries or if we had to add extra for that.

Lemon and pepper chicken wings – these were great! Piping hot, very flavorful, a great snack for hungry students.

Jian bing with chinese cruller and ground beef – sorta like a chinese taco (the ground beef certainly tasted taco-ish). I liked this least – didn’t really see the point of it and the filling wasn’t too generous either. I think some mayo would be good in this one; as is it was pretty dry and mealy.

Deep fried shredded taro balls – amazing! I guess they get these frozen from somewhere, otherwise it’s just way too much effort to prepare. There’s some kind of ground pork in the middle of the balls and a nice outer layer of crispy chipped taro.

Interior, complete with games, instruments, asian kids studying

Shop front (in the asian food center building) – they’ve got pretty nicely drawn liquid chalk signs on the glass and even the cloud logo is pretty cute.


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