Dinner at Master Chef, Aurora

This is the final post on the newly-opened restaurants up in Aurora next to the Asian Food Center. Master Chef is a bring your own seafood and get them to grill/cook it for you kind of place, and I can’t say I will be going back anytime soon. Most of the things cooked there are doused liberally in this szechuan pepper that had a rather dirty taste (to me), and I’ve had plenty of szechuan peppercorn flavoured dishes in Singapore that don’t have the same rancid taste and are pretty good.

Prawns with szechuan peppercorn – I could maybe manage 2-3 prawns and everything else was too pungent. If you see the dollop of dark red powder on top of the jalapeno slice you’ll see what I mean about the pepper. This is also pretty spicy, even with the lower spice level.

Grilled squid – everyone on yelp says this is awesome but it was again covered with szechuan pepper. I’m fine with the numbing taste and all but not when it smells and tastes a little rancid.

Their fried rice was pretty much the only thing I could eat there, and it is totally lacklustre; similar to what you get on a buffet line – mostly rice with some frozen peas/carrots and egg.

The decor is pretty nice and all, but the food was just so… disappointing. Not coming back!


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