Dinner at Picolinos, Crown Hill

This little Greenwood mainstay is what has rapidly become one of our favourite Italian places here, tied with Tutta Bella for pizza and Il Corvo for pasta. I believe we only visited because I thought the name was cute and thought it would make a good place to eat right after visiting Golden Gardens or the locks; their having the VPN certification was just a little plus.

We got the burrata with asparagus and prosciutto appetizer that was excellent. More recently when we went back they gave us only half a burrata! What happens to the other half? I haven’t met any restaurant that only serves half a burrata, presumably it deteriorates quickly after being cut? Anyway the burrata was very good and very unamerican tasting :P I didn’t ask them where they source it from though.

Candle flickering at table. There were all these wax marks all over the iron grille next to our table from previous servers blowing the candle out after the dinner service. Which I may or may not have “accidentally” done during our meal just to check if that was what made the wax marks, thereby plunging our table into total darkness. And which a certain Mr. W. will not let go of every time we go back.

The veal ragu tagliatelle was great, although I think I prefer bolognese with a mix of beef, veal and pork rather than just veal. One thing about the menus here is they list nearly every item that goes into their sauces, thereby making them all sound a lot more appetizing; e.g. “a veal ragu with shallots, garlic, cream, and sherry” and so I expect all those flavours to be highlighted but in actual fact many pasta sauces (even those I make at home) use those key ingredients so don’t expect it to be mindblowingly garlicky or shallotty or anything. Still, the noodles are house made and very good.

We got a Neapolitan pizza with ham, mushrooms, and caramelized onions that had a perfectly cooked crust (although not that many bubbles), a great tomato sauce (San Marzano?) and beautifully sauteed mushrooms, which most places just don’t bother doing. Five stars for the pizza.

We ended with a tiramisu (of course taking home a lot of the entrees in a doggy bag). The tiramisu was good but nothing mindblowing (i.e. I probably wouldn’t order it again since I can make something similar/better at home). Still, on lazy days, one never knows; especially since I only make tiramisu something like three times a year/whenever certain special tiramisu-loving VIPs come to visit.


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