SRW at Barolo, Belltown

Haven’t been back to this place in ages, in part also thanks to my scaling back my shopping at west elm since we’re moving this august. More breakable vases and bowls and things are currently unwelcome in our apartment. The food at Barolo is good, as I’ve blogged about before, most notably their antipasti. This was what we had during Restaurant Week

Z had their beef carpaccio, which he really liked, and I didn’t really dare to try. They serve it with red bell peppers, arugula, and capers, it almost looks like a salad.

My osso bucco over saffron risotto. Not bad! The veal falls off the bone and the gravy when mixed with the risotto is amazing. You could probably scoop out some of the bone marrow even.

Grilled fish (can’t remember what fish.. cod? Something local I guess, since it’s restaurant week) over creamed potatoes – this was even better than the osso bucco. Fatty, tender, and extremely fresh.

Their tiny chocolate cake, as if to punish chocolate lovers for not choosing their other fruity desserts. Why does Barolo like making such small chocolate desserts???

I have so many pictures in my backlog it is somewhat unbelievable. This place WILL be updated despite my rather busy summer! If only to procrastinate other work!


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