Dinner at Noraneko, Portland, OR

We came here for the cute cats on the menu, really. The ramen turned out not great, although I did like the vegetarian broth and also the sides.

March 2016
Tonkotsu ramen. The broth was quite meh and the egg was not very well done. The noodles were also somewhat off and not the sort of eggy, wavy noodles that I like.

March 2016
Z’s mum’s vegetarian ramen – clear broth, beancurd (tau kwa, also the first time seeing this in ramen although you have this in lots of other noodle dishes in singapore) and beansprouts. The broth was very mushroomy and sweet.

March 2016
Some of the sides we got: chicken karaage – not bad. Hot and juicy

March 2016
Gyoza – average

March 2016
Kimchi korokke – quite an interesting twist! Worth a try. The korokke is slightly smaller than at other Japanese restaurants; I miss the humongous crab cream croquettes we used to get in Takashimaya.. The other place with fantastic croquettes is ironically in a French restaurant in Budapest called Comme Chez Soi.

March 2016
Z wanted to try the black pepper soda – it was weird, but did have a pretty strong black pepper aftertaste.

March 2016
Mentaiko spaghetti – this is their saturday special and I came here for this expecting a creamier sauce. So Issian in Wallingford does a great mentaiko cream udon, this one was really on the dry side and totally not what I was expecting. It wasn’t bad, but it was really too dry for a pasta dish.

Quite a hit or miss place, and it’s difficult to find because it’s in this very industrial area. There are usually seats I think, and reservations should be unnecessary though don’t take my word for it.


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