Lunch at Shirley’s Tippy Canoe, Corbett, OR

This is probably gonna be our default lunch place while trekking driving through the Columbia River Gorge. There isn’t much in the way of eating around these parts, save for the hotel at Multnomah Falls, which is understandably full a lot of the time and also pricey. While getting to Corbett involves a sorta doubling back (if you are in the middle of the historic drive), it’s much nearer than heading back to Portland, and the restaurant is very much in the middle of the forest with scenic railway tracks alongside. The eats are decent too!

Z’s folks ordered the Newburg seafood omelet, which is a mix of seafood – shrimp, crab, bay scallops wrapped in a three egg omelet and then covered in Newburg sauce (?) which is some kind of creamy, cheesy, old bay spiced sauce. Kind of like putting the cheese on top of the omelet instead of within (I believe it’s got cheese inside as well). It was pretty good, but it was also a special.

Most of their specials come with a soup or salad. Their clam chowder is pretty awesome, and their tomato bisque is pretty cheesy.

The crab cakes were too salty for our liking, but

their snow crab melt is something else altogether! Definitely order this if they have it as a special. It’s much more satisfying than the shrimp melt or the seafood melt. Chock-full of snow crab smothered with some zesty cheddar. The skin-on fries are the perfect accompaniment.

I believe they do all day breakfast (or something similar to it) and we have enjoyed pretty much everything there save for the too salty crab cakes. Of course, whenever we’re there we’re always ravenous after hiking to a few waterfalls, so that helps. But it’s really nice to sit down to a hearty lunch while you’re in that neck of the woods, AND if you’re lucky, Ollie will be performing! Ollie is the jazz baritone/bass that does live music with his sidekick keyboardist (whose name I can’t remember but he is very good as well). He does song requests and has such a beautiful, warm, Lou Armstrong type of voice that melts your insides. You could look up his schedule before planning your trip; a set by Ollie is not to be missed! In fact we dragged Z’s parents all the way to the Tippy Canoe just to hear him.


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