Desserts in Portland

Short one this time. Portland has tons of great patisseries, ice cream parlors, donut shops, but here are just two (I didn’t take pictures for the rest):

Two ice cream flights at Salt and Straw, a place that has lots of novelty flavors and milkshakes. I think we got:
1. Freckled woodblock chocolate (local chocolate + malt)
2. Green tea and yuzu (first time having a citrus scented green tea ice cream. It was pretty good!)
3. Lavender (very prettily purple though of course from coloring)
4. Olive oil (their olive oil ice cream is slick and has a lovely aftertaste)
5. Blue cheese and … walnut? can’t remember
6. Stumptown coffee
7. Mint chocolate chip (or maybe mint brownie.. it had some kind of twist)
8. Salted caramel

All were very nice and you can get flights like these to share for $10 a pop. However it probably melts less quickly if you get your ice cream in a larger scoop. The flights are just to test out everything to see what you might like. They’ve got something like 20 flavors so it’s always nice to have a sample.

The St Honore – from Boulangerie St Honore next door to Salt and Straw on Division St while waiting for the ice cream place to open. The gateau St. Honore was very good! Very impressed with it and also their financiers/caneles. They do typical sandwiches/croissant sandwiches, quiches, etc. like those in a bakery in France. Lots of people there, and I think the coffee they served was pretty legit. Well, it is Portland.

Across the street from here is the Waffle Window which has really nice pearl sugar waffles (I always eat them warm). The waffles are not at all light, but rather cakey/chewy, and have these large pearls of sugar studded in the dough.
Also highly recommended are Blue Star donuts, which also have novelty flavours. Haven’t yet tried voodoo donuts because of the queue.


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