Lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack, Vancouver, WA

Whenever we drive down to Portland we try to make a pit stop here on the way down or up. I don’t see why they don’t have one nearer Seattle! I think it’s better than the Crab Pot and the Cajun Crawfish… The sauce is really gao3 and they have lots of it, unlike the crab pot’s boil where the seasoning is all in the powder they sprinkle on top.

March 2016
We decided to try something different and got the Samuel Adams boil with clams and Maine lobster.. the Maine lobster was incredibly tough, small, and the Samuel Adams boil was really bland compared to the Ragin’ Cajun (our normal order)

March 2016
Bucket of shrimp, shell on, so be prepared to peel! These were really nice with the cocktail sauce and drawn butter but are cooked from frozen.

March 2016
The Ragin’ Cajun – highly recommend this if you’re going to get a crab boil (and there isn’t much point getting going to the crab shack if you’re not getting a boil!) They do have single person portions. We usually sub the snow crab out for dungeness for a small fee that is totally worth it. I wish they had an option that allowed you to add corn, andouille sausage, and potato. There was way too little andouille sausage and we could have had more corn.

March 2016
We ordered that for 5 people and were still hungry after so we got fried calamari for dessert :P Their fried calamari has a delicate crunchy batter and is perfectly seasoned. Comes with some chipotle aioli and lemon.

It’s got really poor ratings on Yelp and Google Maps which I think are undeserved! Probably because it’s a chain? You just need to know what to order.


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