Dinner at Ramen Man, Wallingford

This is one of the many Japanese restaurants in Wallingford and it does a pretty good no frills ramen. We were just walking about in the area headed to another restaurant but saw this along the way and it was a wet and rainy day so of course were drawn in. Their chicken broth is pretty good, and there’s essentially a free flow of soft boiled eggs, although they are not marinated.

February 2016
This is their Tonkotsu ramen with both pork chashu and chicken chashu – I don’t really like the fatty part of pork chashu so this worked well for me – I get the chicken and Z gets the pork. The broth is milky and clean tasting.

February 2016
Got their gyoza appetizer, steamed not fried :/ Ah well. This probably comes frozen; not sure if it’s cheaper for a restaurant to make their own gyoza or to just buy it from a supplier.

February 2016
Two ramen dishes would be too filling/too much noodles so we got an oyakodon – it was a very good oyakodon! I liked it a lot – just the right balance of salty and sweet and the chicken wasn’t too fatty. It’s a little odd ordering this outside since it’s so easy to make yourself at home but I guess it’s worth it to see what other people add to their oyakodon. I had one in NYC once with some sliced up snow peas that was really nice.

This is perfect on a rainy day even if Yoroshiku is just opposite – I think it’s easier to get a table here and the ramen isn’t bad at all.


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