Lunch at the Cheesemonger’s Table, Edmonds

This is a cute little cafe in Edmonds in a beach-town like complex that serves up a huge variety of cheeses with condiments or in sandwiches.

March 2016
Here is their turkey and brie sandwich – the brie is amazingly good. Could be triple cream, it was so melty. They served it with sliced turkey and basil. Z couldn’t get over how good this was.

March 2016
They also make this cheesy bread in house and you can order it on its own or have it with tomato soup, which is obviously the superior option.

March 2016
I think it’s just sliced baguette? Or focaccia? Slathered in their in house cheese blend with herbs and then toasted until melty. I can’t really tell what the bread is but it’s sliced pretty thin so it’s crisp like a crouton.

They should really consider serving French onion soup! I would be interested in trying that with different kinds of cheese. They also sell lots of artisanal ingredients and cheese board type things like tapenade, marcona almonds, etc. We bought a hunk of whiskey cheddar and regular cheddar from the cheese shop in the cafe. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and will help you out if you need recs for a party.


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