Dinner at Tray Kitchen, Wallingford/Fremont (closed)

I suppose it’s high time to revive this place, if nothing else but the clear the ridiculous backlog :P
This is how old this post is: the establishment in question has already shuttered and a new one opened in its place, and we’ve already eaten at the new restaurant about 2 months ago :P

Anyway, here is what we ate here:

Burrata with marinated peach slices

This was very creamy

The most impressive of the lot (for Z): salmon ceviche with aioli

Duck confit fried rice – eh. The salted duck egg yolk was very pungent.

Korean fried chicken with yang nyeom sauce and pumpkin seeds. The batter was too hard and the rice served with it was way too hard/dry. If they want to be an Asian fusion place shouldn’t they at least be able to cook plain white rice? So far, for plain korean fried chicken I like the one at Stone Pot the best, and for fried chicken in yang nyeom sauce, go to Stars in the Sky.

Chinese cruller filled with whipped cream like a cannoli – interesting idea! I would like to see this at other places.

Restaurant exterior – now replaced by the vastly more expensive Tarsan i Jane.

Hip pizza place next to it that we still haven’t tried :P

I have about a thousand more photos of various restaurants we’ve eaten at in the past year that will hopefully, hopefully, be up here at some point :P


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