Facing East, Bellevue

This is one of our favourite places to eat at in Bellevue (shortlist: Ginza, Chick Fil-A, Ishoni, Facing East, Peony Kitchen) since it does really good Taiwanese food and egg tofu. The taro slushie here is also really legit with huge chunks of taro, not just taro flavoring.

Their egg tofu with snap peas and shiitake – I’m curious if they deep fry the tofu themselves or buy it pre-fried. Deep frying tofu yourself at home is a ridiculous venture because of all the spatter caused by their high water content.

Gu lou yoke – Sweet and sour pork spare ribs – I don’t care much for the bone in the middle but this is pretty traditional with not too much batter.

Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken with pickles – we always get this here. It’s quite large for an appetizer and even though they use chicken breast it’s always moist and well seasoned.

Braised pork over rice – good by itself, not sure how one shares this in groups but that never stops us from getting it :P Would be better if they served it with a braised egg too.

Pickled radish fried rice; one of the somewhat rare instances in chinese restaurants where the vegetarian version is much better than the non-vegetarian version (with sakura shrimp). The fried rice has good wok hei and is good for sharing among maybe 4-5 people?

We also like their grilled black cod with miso and the cold braised tofu and egg appetizer. This place is always hopping and they don’t take reservations (I think), so be prepared to wait, especially if you have a large party. We typically get a table within 15-20 minutes, and they give you a call number laser cut on a wooden rice paddle which is really cute.


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