Lunch at Gilson, Edmonds

February 2016
Super amazing bossam in Edmonds! Well this place is rife with korean restaurants, so it’s not really surprising. This was our first experience ever having bossam and the pork was really tender and the kimchi, pine nuts and lettuce went perfectly with it.

Some of their banchan:
February 2016
Pickled daikon

February 2016
Marinated tofu

February 2016
Steamed broccoli with gochujang

February 2016
Matchstick potato

February 2016
We also got a haemulpajeon (seafood pancake) which was pretty good

February 2016
But their ban-ban korean fried chicken was rather subpar. Don’t order this here! Stick with the bossam. The batter for the fried chicken was really thick and oily.

February 2016
And a budaejigae – for four people! What were we thinking!? This was an insane amount of food. The most impressive thing here was the bossam, everything else was alright but not mindblowing. I think their budaejigae is a little better than Hosoonyi’s though.


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