Dinner at Blueacre Seafood, Belltown

We came here during restaurant week to try some of their specials. I think the seafood here is good but not spectacular. Honestly I haven’t had any mindblowing seafood experiences here to rival those in zhichar restaurants back home, which is such a pity considering how fresh the seafood is here. Ray’s Boathouse is pretty legit, and most of the Ethan Stowell restaurants (although they don’t specialize in seafood). This place is very fanciful with its dishes which can be tricky because I always found one or two components of the entire ensemble a little off.

Fish tartare with yucca chips. The yucca chips were a little soggy and tough.

Swordfish collar – interesting combination with the enoki but the fish itself was overcooked.

Neah bay rockfish in a red curry sauce; this was actually pretty good and the rockfish was quite tender and flaky; although the curry definitely covered the fresh taste of the fish.

Steamed king crab legs with sauteed vegetables and butter poached potatoes (cooking the potatoes in a vat of butter)

Chocolate pecan pie; forgettable. The filling was chewy and the pastry kinda tough and not buttery. The chocolate pecan at Midori is much better.

Given how this place is not even that affordable for the quality we haven’t been back. The interior is really nice and snazzy and aqua though, might be worth a visit just for that.


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