Roux, Fremont

We don’t get a lot of Creole food in Singapore so Z and I have only eaten at Creole restaurants twice (This and the Lost Pelican)? The cuisine is (I think) easy to appreciate for anyone (so many things are deep fried) and they seem to have perfected the salty-sweet balance in food:

We started with deep fried jalapeno hushpuppy balls in honey – fluffy and spicy. I liked that there was a dip because I don’t normally get hushpuppies (too much flour). Emerald City Fish and Chips serves some dungeness crab hushpuppies that I think could be really nice.

Sauteed frog legs – so hard to find in chinese restaurants here! Their frog legs are pretty humongous (compared to what we get back home), almost like small chickens. And so tender.

Fried chicken – great batter but the meat was a little dry; perhaps they don’t brine it? I mean I can’t help comparing their fried chicken to what you’d get in KFC or Chick Fil-A and most places don’t seem to brine/pressure cook for optimal tenderness.

Interior. Mainly a bar place, and a lot of the food is pretty salty and dry which goes great with beer. It’s just down the road from Paseo, so if the Paseo line gets long this is a great option. (Of course, there’s also Uneedaburger across the street. Why do I know so many of the restaurants on this stretch??)


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