Brunch at Frank’s Oyster House

I’ve blogged about this place too many times, but we keep going back since we’re near and can’t resist their chicken and waffles.

Eggs benedict with blackforest ham. Very commendable hollandaise. And their confit potatoes are so crisp and salty and perfect – they’re definitely using some sort of animal fat. The vegetarian version of this (with avocado and tomatoes) is really good too.

We always get the side booth by the window which has such nice light. They use real maple syrup, although the serving size is a little meagre as a result. Their chicken and waffles are hands down the best we’ve ever had. Every single component – the butter, the waffle, the fried chicken, the maple syrup, is perfect.

A broiled grapefruit. For a while they’d replaced this with a bruleed persimmon but now they’re back to grapefruit.

Lovely airy citrus scented zeppole – great for sharing if you’re here with friends. They serve it just like the doughnuts at the dahlia bakery with compote and mascarpone. Both are slightly different but equally commendable. These are a little cheaper than the Dahlia bakery one though.

Other things we like here: Biscuits and gravy, Beef brisket hash
Things we don’t like: Potato and ham gratin


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