Dinner at Chandler’s Crabhouse

This is part of the Schwartz Brothers group of restaurants (i.e. Daniel’s Broiler and Spazzo) and we joined their rewards program so every birthday we get a voucher to come here :) Daniel’s Broiler is really good at steaks and this place is really good at crab cake.

February 2016
Realllly good. The largest I’ve seen in my life. Think it’s 8oz and it’s all packed together with very little filler and sharp crisp edges. Pan fried on both sides and served in some kind of saffron sauce and vegetables. I’d prefer some remoulade on the side but it really doesn’t need it.

February 2016
Humongous prawns in the prawn cocktail, just like the seafood cocktail platter at Daniel’s broiler. I’m still on the fence about ordering this in restaurants since it’s all about sourcing and requires almost no skill to prepare.

February 2016
Fried potatoes with parmesan – their sides are quite average; I would give this a miss.

February 2016
The crab bisque here is lovely and boozy and since crab cake is probably one of there best sellers they’d have a heck of a lot of shells to make some really intense bisque. Pity the line cooks who have to deshell the crab!

February 2016
The marina outside. In the summer you can sit on the deck when the weather is warm and get a nice breeze from the lake.

February 2016
The abstract metal artwork on the walls. The ceiling here is very high which makes the whole place feel very spacious. The view of the marina also makes it feel like you’re eating in a yacht club.

So generally dinner entrees here average $40-50 but they do open for lunch and also are usually involved in Dine Around Seattle/Restaurant Week if you want to check it out without spending a whole lot. I think there’s also free (but competitive) evening parking at the upper lot (i.e. don’t drive all the way down the ramp to the Chandler’s Cove parking garage.)


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