Lunch at Red Robin, Northgate

We hardly eat here since we’re seldom in a fancy burger mood (usually just go to McDonalds, Five Guys, Great State, or Caliburger) but they had this ad on youtube for a $15 meal for two at Red Robin :P so we decided to try the one at Northgate. It was a lot more impressive than I expected (from a chain restaurant) :P
March 2016
Don’t remember the names of any of the burgers. This was essentially a double cheeseburger. The patties themselves have quite a good grill char (different from BK’s fake char) and every component of the burger was fresh.

March 2016
The meal came with choice of an appetizer so we got chicken tenders in BBQ sauce with haystack onions on top. The chicken batter was really hard; appetizers were meh.

March 2016
The closest thing you’ll get to fish and chips – the fries here are good! And cut weirdly! But not in a bad way.

March 2016
Coleslaw with Z’s meal; average.

March 2016
My French Onion soup style burger with Monterey jack and caramelized onions – super. They were quite generous with the cheese and onions.

March 2016
My milkshake, this was probably the kid’s size.

Everything excluding the milkshake was $15! I doubt they have this offer anymore :P I think just ordering the meals themselves would probably be a few bucks more? Maybe $22? Even though we don’t typically crave this sort of food I think pictures of American food are somehow more hunger inducing and best for marketing purposes, compared to say a plate of fried rice. Ugh so hungry now.


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