Dinner at Sichuanese Cuisine, ID

This is one of the best (cheap) chinese places we’ve been to here – and the line out the door during dinner time testifies to that. The best option when eating here is to take away – they prepare your orders fast (10 minutes) and you don’t have to squeeze with other people while eating (sometimes they make you share a large table if you’re just a party of 2 or 3). I think Amazon restaurants also deliver their food if you live in a near enough zipcode!

Sichuanese Cuisine
Their szechuanese pepper chicken, or (辣子鸡), as we are used to calling it. Haven’t had any in Seattle as good as the one here – they deep fry the chicken in a pretty salty batter and then refry the whole thing with chili peppers, szechuanese peppers, garlic and scallions. Super unhealthy but so good.

Sichuanese Cuisine
We also always get the dried tofu and shredded pork dish (香干肉丝) which is really amazing, sweet, salty, and has good wokhei. Better in the ID than in the Bellevue branch, fyi. Nearly every dish is better at the ID branch than in Bellevue. The dried tofu also isn’t really tough, but only slightly firm and pairs well with the chewy shredded pork and chives. This dish is not spicy.

Sichuanese Cuisine
One more thing we always order – Omelet with nira chives (韭菜炒蛋) which is really salty and fluffy and has good wok hei – great with rice. If you’re eating in they give each party a tub of rice for you to help yourself from (one problem with takeaway is the rice gets cold and hard) so we usually just take out the entrees and make our own rice.

Other things that seem popular (from observation) – their water boiled fish (really fish boiled in a pool of chili oil), dumplings and their sauteed shredded potato (土豆丝). They serve their dumplings in plates of 12/16 though which is way too much for two people. In fact the above order is also too much for two people but great for leftovers to snack on in the middle of the night.


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