Lunch at Il Corvo

This place does the best handmade pasta in Seattle. It’s also cheap ($9/pasta?), which means the line here for lunch can get pretty insane. Sharing tables can be pretty common and the turnover is also pretty quick. They don’t allow people to reserve seats before ordering. It’s similar to Portland’s Grassa, but with slightly fewer flavors of pasta and few choices of antipasti and less seating. That said, the quality here is astounding.

Kale salad with grated parmesan – everyone seemed to be ordering this so we jumped on the bandwagon. Z really liked it! I’m not a kale person so I can’t comment.

The other bandwagon one should jump on – their house made focaccia is really soft and warm and goes great with olive oil. The other place in Seattle with really commendable focaccia is Barolo.

Most of the pastas are generously covered in parmesan crumbs so it’s hard to see what’s underneath. This is the tagliatelle bolognese, which is quite a standard classic on most days. The menu rotates every day according to the chef’s fancy and what’s in season.

Fusilli with sweet chili peppers, prosciutto, shallot – the sweetness from the peppers really cuts through this combination and the prosciutto provides the right amount of saltiness. This was so much more interesting than the bolognese. In general their more inventive (non-typical) sauces are really worth trying.

Fusilli all mixed up. Look at that glisten!


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