Lunch at Ada’s Technical Books, Capitol Hill

The coffee is good, the books and oddities are even better. The food however, is quite forgettable. We keep bringing people back here to ogle at the books and gadgets and puzzles and the really fantastic tables but usually go somewhere else for food.

Hot chocolate on the table of compasses. If you put something made out of magnetic metal on the table all the compasses will point in the direction of the magnetic field around the object. They should line all their saucers with magnetic metals so all the drinks that are put down on the table will look like they’ve got force fields around them.

Chicken pot pie – Essentially a creamy chicken stew topped with a biscuit. The ensemble was too dry for my taste, plus I like my pot pies to be real pot pies with crusts and effort, but their kitchen looks really small and it’s a cafe, not a restaurant, so this was not unexpected. There isn’t really any good food on this stretch but if you just go to E Madison St you’ll find a lot of restaurants worth trying.


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