Lunch at Kraken Congee

This place does really good mantou and congees, although it may be a little tucked away and difficult to find.

Duck confit paos with cucumber pickle and blueberry sauce – so inventive. You’d never see blueberry sauce on a pao anywhere in Singapore. The duck confit was good but could be greasier and saltier :P I mean, it’s supposed to be duck confit. Go big or go home, right? It was a little dry but still great idea combining it with pickle and blueberry.

Hibiscus soda. Even their sodas are inventive. This was a little more tart than I expected, more like rosehip?

The junkboat congee – seafood flavored congee topped with salmon, bonito, octopus, scallop.. they were really generous with the seafood.

Humongous seared scallop tt of course Z let me have :P What is true love if not this. We brought our own pork floss (as you can see in the background) :P and shredded nori with sesame seeds. They’ve probably never entertained as serious congee connoisseurs as us. I’ve yet to find a really creamy cantonese congee here but the one at Mike’s Noodle House is really quite decent.

This place is worth a return trip just because they have so much 料 in their congee! They also have two more flavors of paos I want to try.


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