Dinner at Kimchi Bistro, Capitol Hill

This was a really difficult to find restaurant hidden in the back of a building. It was tiny and a little cramped and we were the only customers apart from another couple. The food here is alright, nothing really special. To date, the best korean food I’ve had in the US is still in Alaska and I’m not sure if it’s just because we were freezing our asses off there or if the korean food there is really that good.

Kimchi Bistro
We had the beef bulgogi – thicker slabs of beef, where I was expecting thinly sliced rib eye or chuck. Quite tender and well marinated nonetheless.

Kimchi Bistro
and the japchae – sweet potato noodles fried in beef broth and sesame oil with lots of veggies and soy sauce. I haven’t been able to perfect this myself.

Made it once but it wasn’t quite right. Not sure how to fix it so I haven’t made it again since! Wish I had a korean omma.

They came with an assortment of banchan which were not very inspiring:
Kimchi Bistro
Shredded cabbage banchan

Kimchi Bistro
Marinated radish cubes.

Also, some tofu thing and some fish cake. Wish all restaurants served gamjajorim and marinated quail eggs!


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