Dinner at Marcello Ristorante, Ravenna

We came here because of a groupon (and generally alright reviews on Yelp) :P It is a really tucked away place on Roosevelt and it was completely empty when we went (and now permanently closed). The food was alright, nothing to shout about, and not really worth a return visit. The Italian shortlist: Il Corvo, Ristorante Picolinos, Barolo. None of those will disappoint.

Veal in an almond cream sauce. This was pretty good! The almond sauce was sweet and savoury, and we hardly ever have veal in Italian restaurants non-saltimbocca style.

Stale bread and olive oil

Canned minestrone soup – well, that’s what it tasted like anyway. Apologies if actually more effort was put into it than I thought.

Shrimp penne – the pasta was al dente (not difficult with penne) and they were quite generous with the sauce and the shrimp. I remember thinking it would be a bit expensive if we didn’t have the groupon (like, $20 for a plate of pasta).

In any case it probably was no great loss to the dining scene!


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